Tuesday, September 23, 2014

LUNA Rentals Manager                       Not Active

Hey my name is LULU :)
and my dream is a big active SL Community
So our dream is to create a newer and better SL in SL :D
We want you to come here and feel at home and have fun :D
We try to bring back all the stuff that used to be good about SL :D
and all new that makes SL nice today :D
We want a happy & fun Community with no Drama please :D
we got enough of that en RL right ;)  sow way bing it to SL ?...
and one day we have a LUNA Sea :D
We want you if wont to be part off this :) part of the LUNA Family
if u love having fun and meeting new ppl and talking to them, 
& you are reliable :)
wont u to have fun :D

As LUNA Rentals Manager your responsibilities will be:
* Have fun :D
* Rent Box Maintenance
* Residents Serves
* Make ADDs for the Blog
* Several media ADDs
* Notecards
* Staff
* Welcome and Help Visitors
* Bring Customers / Visitors to the SIM
* “Make Rent Sales to Customers”

As Manager u get 200Ls a Week

+ Bonus if u do a good job :)

+ 20Ls per Shop sale u make :)
+ 50Ls per Home sale u make :)
+ a free 160Ps City Loft Sky-Box
u get a Private City Loft Sky-Box 
With a loft Bedroom, and a Small Roof Garden
it has 16 City Textures to choose from :D
and 1 clear one if u wont to see the Sky :D
a Free 50Ps shop
50% off on a bigger shop :D

+ 75% off at LULUs

This job is in:
`*•.¸♥ SL Harbor La Luna Bay City ♥¸.•*´

LUNA Rentals

The LIVE Cafe Blog LINK:



Contact and send a notecard with your info and job experience in SL to:
LULU (: lulu6kat :)



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