Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sky Platforms:

You get 1 Sky-Platform
to put your home and stuff on :)
the Sky Platform is a Full Prim Size = 4,096 sqm  
( = the Max size of a Prim-Box rez on and stretch it to size and right until u cant any more and u git the Size idea ;D )

you git 280Prims for 350Ls 

:::::::::::::::::::::::::special Order:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

u get a almost full Sim size Sky-Platform For:
 ♥   400Prims for    620Ls
 ♥   500Prims for    700Ls
 ♥   600Prims for    840Ls
 ♥   700Prims for    960Ls
 ♥   800Prims for  1100Ls
 ♥   900Prims for  1260Ls
 ♥ 1000Prims for  1400Ls

first time Renters Pay 1 Month and git 1 free week Added to your Rent box :) 

♥  SL MAP LM for the LUNA Rentals Info Shop:
     Her u find a Blue TP Pad that wile TP u to The LUNA Rent Box Offices
     in the Sky :)
     her u can se 2 DEMO,s of the City sky Lofts :)
     and the Rent-Boxes :)
     (: We wile also have a Small Fun-Park her, in the future :)

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