Sunday, February 22, 2015

City Apartments:

in our Beautiful
`*•.¸♥ SL Harbor La Luna Bay City ♥¸.•*´
We have 13 Apartments over the Shops have a Great Balcony view out over the sea :D
and some of the City Plazas :D

    (: this is 3 example pic.s of 1 of the Apartments :)

 All the apartments are a little Different in Shape and size :D
 some have 1 Balcony some have 3 ;)
 some have a extra Window and some don't :)

They all have 1 big room u can Decorate or Divide any way u like :D
If u don't wot to do it u,r self we offer fully furnished Apartments
if that is u,r wish but the Prims will be a part of u,r total Prims count allowed :)
And u get a Sky-Box Bedroom for Privacy ;D
if u don't have bed we have a good TnT Bed we gladly Put up for u :D

in the Small Apartments u get:
  ♥    80Prims for 196Ls a Week

in the Big Apartments u get:  
  ♥  100Prims for 245Ls a Week

first time Renters Pay 1 Month and git 1 free week Added to your Rent box :)

 ♥  SL MAP LM for the LUNA Rentals Info Shop:
     Her u find a Blue TP Pad that wile TP u to The LUNA Rent Box Offices
     in the Sky :)
     her u can se 2 DEMO,s of the City sky Lofts :)
     and the Rent-Boxes :)
     (: We wile also have a Small Fun-Park her, in the future :)

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